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It is in my blood
DC concrete ,LLC, has its roots in the small town of Wadesboro, N.C. with my grandfather- Dolphus Colson in the year of 1885.  My grandfather would build a log home for each of his sons when they got married. Thus the family business was born.

It was the summer of 1965 that I mix and poured my first concrete slab.  After I finished my degree at Howard University
​I started my life love of concrete construction.

A list of things we do
1. dirt grade
2. place rebar
3. concrete demolition
4. pour concrete slab
5. side walk
7. saw cutting

We have travel to following states to pour concrete: 
1. District of Columbia
2. Delaware
3. Maryland
4. North Carolina
5. Virigina
6. West Virigina